Founded by Emilio N. "Chico" Jacaman in November 1949, Jacaman Gift Co. Inc. began as a mail order business in the family's two-car garage. The first product sold was a nifty cake cutter, guaranteed to deliver "a perfect slice every time." When sales didn't take off as expected, Chico looked for alternatives. Mexico and her artisans were in his own backyard, across the Rio Grande from his hometown of Laredo, Texas. 

After a two-year break for military duty, Chico sold Mexican curios by mail order throughout much of the Fifties. Especially popular were bird pictures made from real feathers.  Mr. Earl O. Robinson, a door-to-door salesman from Minnesota, saw a mail order ad, and wondered if Chico would drop-ship directly to retail stores. Thus, the wholesale operation was born.

BirdThe Spanish colonial style gained popularity in the Sixties, and the line grew to include wrought iron chandeliers and candle-holders, woven baskets, glassware, pottery, and tin buckets and washboards. Spanish-style wood furniture and blue-speckled enamelware were added in the Seventies. Stoneware dishes and serving pieces were sold in the Eighties.

The Nineties saw a renewed focus on wrought iron decorative accessories, highlighting garden accessories in recent years. Some styles of candle-holders remind us of where it all began in the Sixties. The product line has grown to over 1,500 items, with a vast selection of quality, affordable, handcrafted imports from all over Mexico.

In the last 10 years, hand-blown Mexican glass has become a big part of the line.  Mexican artisans make beautiful hand-blown glasses in a variety of colors.  Today we still sell a large selection of glassware, wrought iron, tin-ware, sand cast aluminum accessories, wood accessories and enamelware.